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[06 Feb 2013|08:56am]
I'm sure you guys have noticed (or not, I can't speak for your experience) that I haven't been posting Head Trip's update here to LJ... and there's a reason for that.

Head Trip started out on LiveJournal and I'll forever be grateful for that kick-start into this crazy webcomic world. But LJ was quite a bit different and it's slowly been suffering these last few years... I don't know if any of you have been suffering all the Russian spam and such but it's a pain in the ass.

So I've been slowly pulling away from LJ. Not because I hate the site, not because I don't appreciate all it's done for me and the comic, but because it's just not worth it. Most the readers that used to read this account have left LJ and I don't blame them. I still cross-post to my main account but this particular one isn't going to be used hardly at all.

I do still post update reminders in various places.

And remember, barring issues, I update Mondays and Fridays. And hopefully when life settles itself down a bit more I can increase that to Wednesdays as well.

For updates, I post to...
and Twitter (of those three, Twitter is the one I'll most frequently forget to post to. I'm getting better about it, though!)

I love LJ, and I'll keep this account going in case I want to share news and the like. I hope you all keep reading despite this change, I appreciate you all more than you know.

- shinga
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I should start on the next Emokid+Chemokid script.... [28 Dec 2012|11:48am]

I hope everyone had a lovely, safe holiday full of your particular brand of awesome.

- shinga
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Love you guys [24 Dec 2012|09:40am]
Merry Christmas from Head Trip!

And if you don't celebrate this particular holiday, have a damn good Monday and Tuesday!

- shinga
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Already have people complaining that they don't get the joke. Ah well. ;) [14 Dec 2012|10:02am]
Head Trip - D.W.
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Well played, Winter. Here I was worried you'd skip out on us again. Stick around, yeah? [11 Dec 2012|09:14am]
Head Trip - Texas Weather

Why does the new LJ update page allow you to keep typing up in the subject line when the character limit is reached? Means it cuts me off but I don't know until it's published. Rude.
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I came up with this idea months ago but figured I'd wait until December to draw it. [03 Dec 2012|02:34pm]
Head Trip - It's A Terrible Life
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Go home, left hand, you're drunk [30 Nov 2012|11:40am]
Worst Filler Ever
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"Seriously though Master Jedi, I'm just going through a Burton phase. Nothing to worry about." [26 Nov 2012|08:28am]
Head Trip - Jedi Vision
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Had a dream that I made a bad comic and the entire internet hated me. It was weird. [16 Nov 2012|10:50am]
Head Trip - Cookbook
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Come on, Texas, it's either cider season or it isn't, stop messing with my emotions [12 Nov 2012|09:17am]
Head Trip - Dirty
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No election jokes, as I don't need the headache [09 Nov 2012|12:02pm]
I've not posted here enough, I apologize.


I've not disappeared again, still alive and well. Usually posting to the Head Trip Facebook fanpage, so if you're on FB feel free to stop on by! :)

- shinga
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And now you'll wonder if you do, too. [26 Oct 2012|09:48am]
Head Trip - Late Night Musings
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Day late, sorry. It's been a low week for me so far. :P [23 Oct 2012|12:42pm]
Head Trip - Empty Bowl
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Oddly enough looking at it from this perspective makes me want to play it [19 Oct 2012|04:04pm]
Head Trip - Pokemus Maximus
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Torties are the best sort of kitties [15 Oct 2012|01:04pm]
Head Trip - The Great Warrior Diana
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This week has been really weird... I blame the weather [12 Oct 2012|12:38pm]
First, today's comic! Head Trip - Advertise, Advertise!

Also I was a bit under the weather and didn't realize I never posted Monday's comic here, SO! Head Trip - Hot Cup
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I still want a Weeping Angel tree topper at Christmas-time :D [05 Oct 2012|10:47am]
Head Trip - The Weeping Silence
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In honor of our actual anniversay I've answered the frequent reader question of their meeting! [01 Oct 2012|09:13am]
Head Trip - How They Met
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I might do a whole series of Superhero Confessions... hmmm.... [28 Sep 2012|11:55am]
Head Trip - Superhero Confessions
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At least this DID apply. Now I need garlic. Chefville is one needy-ass game. [24 Sep 2012|09:57am]
Head Trip - Onions
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