Head Trip (headtrip) wrote,
Head Trip

Well played, Winter. Here I was worried you'd skip out on us again. Stick around, yeah?

Head Trip - Texas Weather

Why does the new LJ update page allow you to keep typing up in the subject line when the character limit is reached? Means it cuts me off but I don't know until it's published. Rude.

  • (no subject)

    I'm sure you guys have noticed (or not, I can't speak for your experience) that I haven't been posting Head Trip's update here to LJ... and there's a…

  • I should start on the next Emokid+Chemokid script....

    Recovering! I hope everyone had a lovely, safe holiday full of your particular brand of awesome. - shinga

  • Love you guys

    Merry Christmas from Head Trip! And if you don't celebrate this particular holiday, have a damn good Monday and Tuesday! - shinga

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