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Head Trip

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When I make these "Mal overhears something weird" things, it IS something I actually overheard. [21 Sep 2012|11:25am]
Head Trip - Shoot From The Hip
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I partially blame this on "Looking Glass" by the band Hypnogaja... look it up. :) [17 Sep 2012|09:56am]
Filler - "Malice"
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This is meant to be neither anti or pro-smoking. It is simply meant to be silly. [14 Sep 2012|09:34am]
Head Trip - They'll Kill You
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That's a wrap for this storyline for now, folks! Yay! [10 Sep 2012|11:35am]
Head Trip - "Morning Coffee, pt 7"
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Nearly done with this story, then we're back to goofy one-offs then hopefully some Emokid&Chemokid [07 Sep 2012|11:54am]
Head Trip - "Morning Coffee, pt 6"
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No, the Keurig's name isn't Michigan J. Frog [31 Aug 2012|09:30am]
Head Trip - "Morning Coffee, pt 4"
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I wish some things about the Sims were real. Like the "motherlode" cheat. [27 Aug 2012|10:05am]
Head Trip - Morning Coffee, pt 3
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I like typing in all the "pt 1", "pt 2" stuff... maybe after this is time for more Emokid&Chemokid.. [24 Aug 2012|10:26am]
Head Trip - "Morning Coffee, pt 2"
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I love my Keurig so much it's surprising I haven't made it a character yet [20 Aug 2012|10:44am]
Head Trip - Morning Coffee, part 1
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I didn't draw any specific wrestling characters, just random dudes [18 Aug 2012|09:56am]
Head Trip - Monday Night Aww

Sorry for the delay. Thursday, my usual draw-Friday's-comic day, was eaten up at the VA hospital. Nothing serious just had an appointment that needed a several-hour waiting period apparently.

- shinga
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no, those aren't the Aristocats. At least, not on purpose... [13 Aug 2012|09:28am]
Head Trip - Litter Cat
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Every awkward seduction thing Mal's done and ever will do is something I've tried (they didn't work) [10 Aug 2012|10:07am]
Head Trip - Awkward Seduction Techniques
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I swore I've done an Out of Context Theatre comic before but I can't find it. Maybe I imagined it. [06 Aug 2012|12:22pm]
Head Trip - Ladies...
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I might have a slight nerdobsession with this game. <3 [03 Aug 2012|11:16am]
Head Trip - That Old Republic Show
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Good morning, fever! [30 Jul 2012|10:07am]
Some lovey dovey FILLER for ya!
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Cruxshadows is in my head and will be forever. [27 Jul 2012|02:43am]
Head Trip - The Full Bale Experience
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Every time I tried to think of something else to draw for today, this came to mind. [23 Jul 2012|10:50am]
Head Trip - Why

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I'm not fully awake and I probably won't be for a couple of days. Wheeee. :P [20 Jul 2012|10:51am]
Head Trip - Wonder Agents
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The whole zombie meme is fun and cute... sometimes. Time and place for everything and all that. [16 Jul 2012|10:35am]
Head Trip - Beating An Undead Horse
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It's Friday the 13th and so far nothing interesting has happened. But I've only been awake 5 minutes [13 Jul 2012|09:29am]
God Save the Queen

If you'll notice this LJ is now "headtrip" rather than "headtripcomics". Also the LJ is no longer imbedded on the site itself (it stopped working, dunno why). Instead it's the Facebook fanpage.

ANYWAY, yes, it's FRIDAY. I'm updating TWICE A WEEK NOW! Spread the word, tell your friends, tell strangers on the street! Either way I make most my money off of Head Trip and I need to do stuff like pay rent. ;)

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